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Reservations System

Taurus is a Reservations, Administration and Accounting System for Tour Operators, Seat Only Sales, Accommodation Sales, Ground Services Suppliers and certain types of Travel Agent.

We will describe some of the features and methods employed in Taurus.

It is not a definitive list because the system is continuously being developed to cope with the changing and developing requirements of the industry and individual clients.

From loading parameters, inventory and client details through reservations, amendments and reporting Astratis have made the whole system easy to understand, easy to learn and easy to use.
    Input Maintenance of System Parameters
    Reservations / Availability Enquiries
    General Booking Procedures
    Amend Existing Booking Processes
    Global Update Procedures
    End of day Procedures
    Exception Reporting
    Invoice & Assoc. Client Documentation
    Documentation for Principals & Suppliers
    Sales Reports
    Sales Ledger and Accounts Function
    Management & Marketing Reports
    End of Season Requirements
    Mailing (labels) Facility