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GDS Interface

The Taurus tour operators system caters for schedule flight bookings.

These are dealt with by type ‘F’ stages within the itinerary of a booking.

The scheduled flight stages can be entered manually if required. For each stage a flight date, departure airport, arrival airport, flight number, seat class, status, and timings have to be entered together with passenger details associated with the flights.

All of this information would have already previously been entered into CRS/GDS systems, such as Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan or Amadeus.

Astratis's Leo software downloads "PNR" records information into the Taurus booking process.

The PNR information is entered directly into the CRS/GDS. The user booking the flight has to have been trained to operate the CRS/GDS and "sees" the CRS system. We therefore call this an apparent link.

Amendments made to the ‘PNR’ must be made to the CRS/GDS first then subsequently again downloaded into the Taurus booking.

This type of link saves an enormous amount of data entry and thus time and effort. Once the PNR information is loaded into Taurus then Taurus’s consolidator fare base files can be used to cost bookings or full published fares are used.

Ticket information can also be downloaded and merged against bookings and individual passengers.

Multiple PNR’s can be merged against the same Taurus booking to deal with group type itineraries where individual passengers may have different travel arrangements.