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Astratis specialise in the development of travel reservation systems and offer a range of travel technology solutions including online booking systems and content management. We provide travel systems, software and services for the travel industry, creating cost-effective travel solutions for airline, tour, ferry, cruise and rail operators. Working hand in hand with you we develop travel solutions and services which help to reduce costs and improve efficiency.     
Our Taurus Reservations System is now being used by many of the major players in the Travel Industry.
Ferry Bookings
We also specialise in Ferry Bookings. Call us and discuss your requirements and we will be happy to construct and tailor a system to your specific needs. Illustration.
Contact our Systems Development Director George Gavriil for information about our Support Services.
Contact our Managing Director Steve Watson, or our Sales Director Chris Gilliland, for a chat about what we can do for your business! Have a look at our latest Advertising Campaign.